Creating Value

From “before” to the best “after”

The moment we realized we could create value for our customers was the moment we discovered our value and our space.

2010 was a year of change, of changing direction, of asking new questions and seeking new answers. This was the year Margarida Diniz, a consultant and interior designer, joined Catarina Diniz, a brand strategist. This was the year they decided to look at the real estate market and in the midst of the crisis created a space for a new way of thinking and using interior design.

The way a space receives us is what generates (or not) the sense of belonging that allows us to create connections and share emotions. A space is a stage where life is played out. The better and the more appropriate the scenario, the bigger the connections created and, consequently, the greater its value. In fact, the value of a space is the life it can generate.

When it’s possible to create an emotional bond between a space and its visitor, its value can be maximized. It is this connection that makes the visitor feel at home and consider the space his/her own. This is the moment that encourages the customer to choose and place more value per square meter, whether to rent, buy or enjoy.
The purpose of Staging Factory is exactly to “connect people to spaces”. Create scenarios where characters fit in such a way that allow stories to develop, thus promoting the value of spaces.

Today, with a decade of stories and shared experiences, Staging Factory is a team with a unique way of facing challenges. Supported by the combination of Interior Design, Home Staging and Strategy, Staging Factory has its own approach and method. A way of thinking and doing that believes that intervening in a space, is to recognize its potential, coordinate visions and ambitions, and combine the disciplines needed to achieve its potential value, step by step.

This is our story and our strategy, one that we journey with you, from dream to design, purpose to project, and space to value, until our story joins yours.

Staging Factory
From space to value

Our Team

A team, like a space, is the result of what it has inside, of the life that comes into it.
The people make a space come to life and a company go forward.

Margarida Diniz

Head of Interior Design

Born in Lisbon 1973, Margarida’s interest in the life and aesthetic of a space lead her to study and major in Decorative Arts at Escola Superior de Artes Decorativas da Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva. Later, She worked in set design for TV and Cinema and signed many Interior Design projects. As a consultant for Sotheby’s Real Estate it becomes evident to Margarida that the presentation of the houses and other spaces in the market was under considered. The knowledge meets the opportunity and in 2011 she joins Catarina Diniz to found Staging Factory, the first Home Staging company in Portugal, where she today leads de Interior Design and Home Staging teams.

Catarina Diniz

Head of Business & Strategy

A Lisbonner since 1974, Catarina is a doer and a planner. Inspired by the power of a team bonded by a goal, she soon felt the call for brands and management. In 1999 her degree in Company Communication takes her to the advertising world. From there she specialises in branding and strategic planning from Miami Ad School in São Paulo. Joining Margarida Diniz in introducing the Portuguese market to the Home Staging concept, she sees the opportunity to add some knowledge to her curriculum and takes the Management General Course at NOVA SBE Executive Education. A life focused on the value of a brand, of a plan and of a team, lead Catarina here, to a new beginning she leads the Strategy and Management teams.

Mónica Albuquerque

Interior Designer

Mónica Albuquerque, interior designer, was born in 1982 in Lisbon. Beginning her career at António Arroio School and finishing her degree in Ambient Design at IADE in 2006. The same year she began her professional career with the company AREA Infinitas, as an assistant in the furniture department and interior designer in the project department. Simultaneously, in 2009, she founded the design studio Twelve Four Haus.
In 2017, Mónica accepted the challenge to join the Home Staging Factory team as a designer, participating in various national and international projects. Her designs are characterized by a passion for colour and detail, and the relentless pursuit of functionality and simplicity.

Joana Diniz

Hosting Manager

Having graduated in 2004 in Marine Biology from the University of the Algarve, Joana gathered experience in various sectors, from fisheries to hospitality, as well as film production. After several years working in the cultural field, she joined the Staging Factory team in 2018, where her main responsibility is the management of local accommodation apartments. Joana loves the outdoors, DIY and the sea. When she started with Staging Factory, she was able to begin to combine her hobbies with her profession.

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