Espaços & Casas, Troia Resort – Decor by Staging Factory

27 April 2022
Troia Resort – Sonae Capital


The Space

The TROIA Resort, located on the Troia Peninsula and promoted by Sonae Capital, was inaugurated in 2008 and began to be marketed in 2006. In 2017, it comprised of approximately 30 Apartments, 50 villas and 30 plots of land. According to Sónia Fragoso, Head of Real Estate Sales, the objective was to sell the real estate stock within three to five years. Lot 4 was one of 7 model villa projects designed for the Troia Resort, which was for sale for approximately 1.5 million and served as a model villa for the sale of lots.

The 3-bedroom villa, of approximately 300 m2, with a large dining room and living room of ​​70 m2 and a ceiling height of over 6 meters, was distinguished by its contemporary architecture and an abundance of natural light. However, despite its architectural lines and landscaping attracting the attention and interest of visitors, it had yet to find its future owner.

The Challenge

After some initiatives to boost and enhance the property, particularly in partnership with NUEVO ESTILO Magazine, the development of a Sevillian interior decorator’s showroom – Amaro Sanchéz de Moya, at an international press event, Staging Factory was challenged by TRÓIA Resort to create a distinctive and welcoming ambience, to increase its attractiveness and unveil the true potential of the Lot 4 property to facilitate a rapid sale.

The Solution

The current trend of increased appreciation of environments that reflect their origins and nature; and offer genuine retreats of tranquillity and relaxation, like that envisioned in Troia, was our launching point. Next, we analysed the profile of potential customers and concluded that, although sophisticated, potential customers would appreciate simplicity combined with comfort and natural beauty.

Consequently, in order to increase the attractiveness of Lot 4, Staging Factory began with a “Designed by nature” concept and proposed a decoration inspired by “imaginário da Comporta”, where relaxed, minimalist but cosy environments transmit wellbeing and create a connection. with the potential customer. The decor composed of contemporary design pieces and materials such as wood and natural fibres gave the property a fresh, intimate, refined and elegant feel.

The value

After around 8 weeks of work, including the creative process, research and selection of suppliers, management of procurement, deliveries and assemblies, a photoshoot captured Lot 4 in all its splendour. In addition to a good vibe and a decor appropriate to the holiday spirit, Lot 4 won the interested of the “Espaço&Casas” Program which made a report about the property and its new ambience. The Staging Factory project ended in November 2018 and the results were demonstrated in April 2019 with the sale of the villa, including all furnishing and decor.

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