Camões Outdoor – Porto


50 sqm2


Temporary housing





The Briefing:

Making the rear garden the main asset of this apartment for local accommodation was the main objective of our client and his management company Qualquer Destino.

The solution:

To create a dreamy, functional and welcoming outdoor living space that would invite guests to enjoy the space.

The idea was to design a wooden pergola with back and side iluminated wooden panels to create a very welcoming and elegant environment.

The biethanol fireplace, the set of sofas, the ceiling lighting and the decorative accessories make up the scene that invites the guests to enjoy the space even on the coldest days.

The results:

Max Galvão, 2020

“We hired Staging Factory to design and execute our winter garden and the result was magnificent! The team is excellent and we have already hired them to decorate an apartment.”

Paula Stenzel,, 2020

“Here is a summary of the positive impact that we have already noticed with the intervention at Jardim Camões. Congratulations on the excellent work! The property in the first two months of operation rank close to the average of the top 25%. The intervention of the external area concluded on 11/22 resulted in a jump in December to a revenue well above the top 10% of the micro-region.”

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