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Temporary housing




The Space

The apartment is highly worn-out and requires extensive refurbishment:

  • Bathroom: complete renovation, with all elements to be replaced.
  • Master bedroom: relocating from the interior bedroom to the current living room space.
  • Entryway: converted to a dining-less living room.
  • Interior bedroom: transformed into a single-guest bedroom with one single bed.
  • Kitchen: redesigned to comfortably accommodate meals for three.

Aesthetically, the aim is for a bold, creative, captivating, and vibrant ambiance.

The Challenge

Olivier Apartments once again approached Staging Factory with a new challenge: to completely redesign the 2-bedroom apartment into an eye-catching space. The goal was to position the studio as an innovative and appealing choice in the tourist rental market.
The project aimed to create a lively, innovative, and distinct ambiance with a touch of tradition.

The Job / moodboard

The project involved designing the layout, defining lighting points, selecting all visible materials and finishes and providing guidance on equipment choices. The focus was on style, comfort, functionality and optimizing the available space. In terms of ambiance and décor, Staging Factory opted for delicate and stylish materials and a vibrant color palette to enhance the appeal of this typical Lisbon apartment and create a lively atmosphere with distinction and personality.

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