Olivier Apartments – Comércio II – Lisbon


50 sm & Studio


Temporary housing





Olivier Carneiro started investing in tourist rentals in 2008, when few were still thinking about renting private homes over the internet. He soon realized that it was a business with a future and that it was worth investing in order to have a greater return. In 2012, it invested for the first time in Home Staging with the aim of winning over the premium customer, the most sophisticated, the most demanding and willing to pay more for an elegant, attractive, welcoming and comfortable space, achieved through decoration made by professionals.

The return was immediate and easy to measure, as the two intervened apartments were already on the market under a Local Accommodation operation:

  • The price per night has increased between 40% to 50%
  • The occupancy rate of the apartments (number of nights rented) rose from 60% to 80%
  • The goal of winning over premium customers was also achieved, having managed not only to win over customers with greater purchasing power but also some public figures, such as the headlining Festival do Crato Matt Simons, a true North American pop phenomenon.

The fact that he was one of the first to bet on the high-end segment and to present professional photographs (included in the Staging Factory proposal) allowed him to have a strong impact on the press. Its apartments were references in several foreign media, were selected for TV programs and were featured on several tourist rental websites.

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