Olivier Apartments, Rua Augusta – Lisbon


65m2 / 1 +1 Bedroom Apartament


Temporary housing





The Space

Back in 2012, at the beginning of the short term rental accommodation trend, Oliver, Staging Factory’s first client, proposed our first project, a 1 +1 Bedroom Apartment on Rua Augusta, in the heart of Lisbon’s elegant “Baixa” neighbourhood. The apartment achieved reasonable occupancy for its characteristics (it was small with low headroom and little light), but Oliver believed it could be improved despite not being neither comfortable nor inviting.

The Challenge

Although the space had potential, there was little natural light; the ambience was stuffy and was not very comfortable and cosy. It was quite outdated in respect to the necessities and expectations of potential guests. The apartment was dark, due in no small part, to the decor and furnishings. The living room was not inviting, having an uncomfortable settee, and the bedrooms did not offer the relaxation a holiday apartment should suggest. In general, the space needed to become more inviting, more comfortable, and more attractive to improve the guests’ experiences, improve occupancy, and justify higher pricing.

The Work

The project encompassed various phases of the Staging Factory Method, beginning with a consultation where conditions and objectives were defined. After defining the space’s needs and potential, the creativity phase followed to develop an integrated solution to guide the all facets of the intervention phase.

The main objective was to make the space lighter and brighter. Essential points were defined, such as painting the whole apartment, including all the woodwork in tones of white, and changing out the old settee for a new more comfortable sofa in lighter fabric. Next on the list were the bedrooms where the objective was to reduce the visual clutter of the decor, focusing on a softer chromatic palette, and lighter and more sophisticated materials.

By altering the palette and small changes to the decor, the space was transformed into a more youthful, comfortable, bright, and attractive ambience.  The predominance of white, amplified the visual perception of the space by augmenting the reflective surfaces making it inviting and intimate. The final phase was a “light design”, with different solutions for light tones in the various divisions

The Value

Olivier’s two-bedroom apartment was one of Staging Factory’s first projects, using a surgical intervention due to significant budget restraints. Even so, the results greatly exceeded expectations. After three weeks and a budget of €3000, the apartment achieved its potential by increasing guest occupancy from 60% to between 80% and 85%, the daily rate from €50 to €80 and the rate of orders in actual bookings from 10% to 50%.

“After 3 years in the seasonal apartments rental business, I started to feel the saturation in the market and looked for a way to differentiate my apartments, reaching a more exclusive market sector. I chose Staging Factory for this repositioning and the effect was immediate: increased occupancy rate, increased revenue and tenants enthusiastic about the charm of apartment! From that point on, Staging Factory was not only the team that redecorated my apartments, it became my partner in restructuring my business and my current and upcoming investments. My apartments have been awarded by English and German travel sites, and French TV channels, all leveraged by Staging Factory’s great work…. Congratulations!

A very important factor that greatly improved was the relationship between information requests and reservations. Prior to renovations it took 10 requests to have a reservation. Since remodelling, I have 5 bookings for every 10 requests!”

Olivier C., Janeiro 2013

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