Palmela Village Resort


V4 & 200 sqm2


Real Estate





The Briefing:

To design an home staging project, including fully furnishings and decoration of a 4 bedrooms villa located at Palmela Village Golf Resort in order to promote the sales of remain villas and plots of Nolon. The condition was to use and adapt the furniture of the show apartment previously designed by Staginf Factory. Execution timing: 2 weeks

The Solution:

The challenge was to transform the markedly urban environment of the Setúbal show apartment into an informal and bucolic environment that could enhance the quality, tranquility and serenity of life at Palmela Village Golf resort.

It was also defined as an objective to create an emotional bond with potential buyers, lead them to visualize all the property potential and make them imagine themselves living there; thus increasing sales opportunities.

O Resultado:

One month after completion of the work, the house was reserved by a potential buyer.

Nolon Portugal, 2020

Highly recommended. Catarina and Margarida are excellent professionals who adjust and manifest total flexibility to the needs and peculiarities of the projects we develop together. Deadlines are, as a general rule, very tight and yet all projects were delivered on time and with quality above expectations.

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