Creating Spaces

Restauradores 72

Segment | Temporary housing

Investment | Stylish

Ambient | Contemporary

Client: Private

Area & Tipology: 3 Bedroom - 120 sqm

Year: 2017

Turnkey Property.

Buy-to-let property investment.

Offering a fully furnished, turnkey apartment with a well-equipped kitchen that includes everything from a cooker to homeware was our client strategy for attracting a high-value tenant who wants a place to call home for the short term.

The full service included creative project design, research, selection and purchase of all furniture, materials, décor accessories and household goods. It also included in-house production necessary for a “turnkey” apartment and the final professional photo shooting.

Main objectives:

Create an inviting, cosy and distinctive atmosphere to attract high-end customers.

To use home staging, interior design and decoration to add value to this property in order to maximize its revenue and occupancy tax.

Designed by Staging Factory – From Space to Value

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