Students Apartment II – Lisbon


3 Bedrooms - 90 sqm


Temporary housing



Home Staging – a blank canvas looking for student life.

One of the most difficult tasks after entering university is finding the perfect student room that will serve as your home for years to come. In addition to the price and location, it must be a desirable space with ideal conditions not only for studying but also for “enjoying” student life.

Any teenager likes to let their imagination run wild and personalize the space according to their individuality and passions. Therefore, the decoration should be smooth and quite neutral , the basic principle of the “home staging” concept.

The best is to create a neutral decoration that allows students to personalise the space. The concept “blank canvas” can be the motto. It does not have to be taken literally; it is just a principle to remember that we always should leave space so that the new tenant personalise its room.

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