The art of making dreams real.

27 April 2022
Staging Factory at Revista Executiva – 2019

The art of making dreams real

Aiming to increase the potential of each real estate investment through turnkey solutions, Home Staging Factory brought a new piece of “creativity” and “innovation” to the Portuguese market.

Created by the sisters Catarina and Margarida Diniz (with a professional background, respectively, in the fields of advertising/branding and interior design), Home Staging Factory is the outcome of an entrepreneurial project that sought to revolutionize how luxury properties were promoted in the Portuguese real estate market. Therefore, in an effort to “bring something new to this industry” and develop “a strategy that could increase the value of the real estate products available in the market”, the managing partners decided to introduce the American concept of home staging. Making a clear reference to its name, this is a technique whose goal is to “place a real estate product on a stage” in order to increase its value in the market, through a strategic restyling (whether by rearranging its inner space or by introducing new sets of furniture) aiming to promote “its assets”.

By making use of strong atributes such as “innovation”, “originality” and the ability to develop “turnkey” services, Home Staging Factory was able to steadily earn the trust of a growing number of real estate promoters, owners hoping to sell their properties, and even foreign investors. The secret behind this extraordinary success lies in the ability to redecorate each property under a “business angle” providing it with “a neutral touch aiming to please the largest possible number of people”, emphasizes Catarina Diniz. As a matter of fact, it should come as no surprise that among the greatest reasons to request a home staging service is the guaranteed “maximization” of the property’s value and the “swiftness” of its sale.

With a primary focus in the luxury segment – even though the company is equally capable of fulfilling the most different demands of the real estate market – Home Staging Factory had a striking role in the improvement of the Portuguese hotel industry, which is evident by the number of turnkey projects developed in an effort to address the needs of Troia Resort (owned by the SONAE Group), GRUPO LIBERTAS or the NAU Hotels Group. In addition to such work, Catarina and Margarida Diniz also brought their art and knowledge to the world of boutique hotels, guest houses or local lodging establishments throughout Portugal. Also important to understand such success is the remarkable evolution the Portuguese real estate business has gone through since 2012 (the very same year Home Staging Factory introduced itself to the market).

“I believe that, nowadays, the quality of the Portuguese construction has improved and there is a much greater care with both materials and small details”, reveals Catarina Diniz, who is certain that those same attributes are “very important for foreign investors”, especially in a moment when “every spotlight has turned to Portugal”. In this context, our interviewee stresses the need for Portugal to have “strong brands in the fields of construction, real estate, interior design and home staging”. On the other hand, asked about the challenges that both the real estate market and the art of home staging must address in the near future, the managing partner underlines the need to develop more “sustainable projects”. Meanwhile, “innovation” is guaranteed to remain as a key-element of Home Stage Factory, a company that will become increasingly connected to the “hospitality industry”. @ Revista Executiva 2019

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