Creating Value

From Space to Value

Like a director, at Staging Factory we use a variety of techniques to create the right ambience for maximum impact. We value the presentation of space, but that’s only the first act. At Staging Factory, aesthetics only work if, in the end, our customers get the best market performance.

Main Services:

  • Ready-to-Move-in properties
  • Ready-to Rent properties
  • Display Properties
  • Photographic Production
  • Production of Interior & Exterior films
  • Virtual Staging – 3D Projects

Main Goals:

  • Increase the return on the investment for investors
  • Increase the attractiveness and functionality for the end user.
  • Offer an exceptional hospitality experience that customers want to repeat.

From Space to Return

The value of a property can be enhanced if we can highlight its goal and capture the attention of its audience. Selling, renting, increasing occupancy or repositioning its purpose can be motivated by a “space staging” project – an Interior Design discipline that prepares a space to maximize its commercial potential by showing how it can be presented and lived, inspiring potential customers and leading them to recognize the value created.

Our key drivers

  • Maximum results with minimal investment.
  • Rigorous time and cost management.
  • Creative, low-cost and practical solutions.

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